SilkOut Hair Care System

SilkOut Hair Care Systems was developed by Tammy Golden a a stylist with 30 plus years of experience salon experience and creator of SilkOut Bar. Tammy is a stylist passionate about hair care and designed her products with hair health being the focus. She believes the hair performs better when it is in best care and doesn't believe in any styling that will compromise the hair or scalp in any way. She aims to simplify the approach to repairing and maintaining healthy hair without gimmicks and fads.

-Our products are an extension of our salon brand which is based on regimens that ensures hair health is not compromised when creating silky looks. We are known for our ceramic heat styling techniques that bypass traditional styling methods in ethnic salons that normally use pressing combs and instruments that don't offer measurable heat.

-Technology has offers us healthier styling options which allows for clients to have longer, stronger, and more manageable hair.

-Our products are infused with botanical extracts and are paraben free.

-Our goal is to bring care back to hair and ensure customers have an option and support in wearing their real hair.

Get the same outcomes as professionals by using their products.




Gentle cleanse, restore moisture and balance hair's pH with our sulfate-free Balance Hydrating Wash to gently cleanse and Balance Conditioner. Follow that up with our SilkOut Serum to protect, strengthen and seal the cuticle for soft, shiny, bouncy hair no matter if you wear it curly or straight.


Get the best of our classic styling products for daily use. Infused with Jojoba, Coconut, and Lemongrass.

Slay edge control.

Glow high definition shine.

Silk and Seal Anti- humidity spray.


Two of our top sellers. The BlowOut Brush and our 1" SilkOut Pro Heat Iron. As with all bundles you save when buying them together.


Leave in moisturizing detangling spray adds body and shine and refreshes and moisturizes curly hair.


Apply to clean damp hair before blow drying with SilkOut Serum. Use without heat with Serum to retain moisture during your curly and natural hair styling. Can be used to refresh curly styles in place of water.


Gently cleanses and nourishes hair while restoring moisture and help keep cuticle smooth to reduce tangles. Low sulfate cleanser that won’t dry hair out.


Instant conditioner that restores moisture and and protein balances in the hair closing the cuticle for ease of style and detangling. Great for daily use.


The perfect blend of intense moisture and strength that hydrates and reduces breakage. Great on all curl types to nourish, moisturize, and style curls.


Apply sparingly to clean damp hair to hydrate dry and parched hair. Great for a soft and natural finish. Can be used underneath your gels for added moisture and protection or used alone for a wash and go or twist out styles that won’t leave hair greasy. Can be reactivated with water or Replenish.



Our 8mm delivers all the amazing benefits as our 1". Heats up to 450° with adjustable temperature.

Our new design offers a sleeker more ergonomic design, gets hotter quicker and a more sturdier cord, PLUS a new digital external thermostat.

Get tighter curls for your shorter hair styles with the benefits of ceramic technology. Healthier heat for healthier hair.


Charcoal and clay detox cleanser purifies pores for healthy follicles, exfoliates skin, neutralizes odor and removes toxins. Great on skin, hair, and beards.


The secret to the SilkOut our keratin infused heat protector that fills and seals the cuticle and helps to block out humidity for stronger and silkier finish that won't weigh the hair down.

Lightweight thermal protectant retains moisture for natural or straight styles. Protects hair when using heat to style, controls frizz and reversion, and seals cuticle for a natural shine and silky finish.


Essentials is a potent blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are know to support a healthy body for healthier hair. Hair loss can be sign of imbalances inside the body from stress, health, and poor diet that can be lacking essential nutrients necessary for optimal health. Since we know our hair comes from within our body we know the importance of supporting cellular health in the form of supplements. Results are stronger, healthier hair, reduce inflammation, helps block DHT, increased circulation, and more to product stronger quality hair. With stronger hair comes longer hair.


Revitalizes and strengthens weak and damaged hair while adding body and shine for stronger healthier hair.


The Silkening Treatment softens and reconditions your hair while giving you the manageability you desire without compromise to your curls.

This is a modified version of our Taming Treatment reformulated to reduce the risk of losing your curl pattern. We want everyone to experience and have access to salon grade ingredients that protect, correct, and nourish your hair deep inside your strand.

This single use kit comes with:

2 oz. Clarity to deep cleanse the hair and gently open the cuticle to prepare the hair to receive the treatment.

4oz. Silkening Treatment

2oz. SilkOut Serum our leave in protective serum.

2oz. Maintenance - Balance Hydrating Wash and Balance Conditioner


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